[NBA2K 22] RULES SEASON 2021/2022


These rules must be used as a guideline for Teams to solve issues independently before escalating any issues to the admins.

The rules contained herein are intended to be explanatory in nature. 2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES are not, however, able to predict every circumstance that may arise, and so 2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES retains the discretion to resolve each individual case as it sees fit.

2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES reserves the right to amend and enforce any and all of its rules retroactively, conforming to its intents and in the spirit of fair competition.

Any rules posted on the discord server or Twitter are enforceable.

The decision of a 2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES admins is final. By signing up for each tournament you accept any and all decisions 2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES admins make.

The provisions of this Introduction are enforceable, and form part of 2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES Rules and Regulations. 

We invite every teams to work things out on their own and decide things on the court based on the rules state here.

Teams should not consistently try to get free wins or try to exploit the rules to get a restart. Remember, this kind of behavior from teams or players develop a bad reputation in the competitive community over time.

If you are here it’s because you want compétitions and recongnition ! so this kind of behavior is useless.

The K EUROPEAN LEAGUES staff reserves any and all rights to make a unilateral decision if we think a team or player is abusing the rules.


The following rules apply ONLY to disconnections or other unforced (player-independent) errors related to 2K.

As stated earlier, we want to promote fair play and common sense!

Therefore, we encourage each team to work things out for themselves and make decisions on the field based on the rules outlined here.

Teams should not systematically try to get free wins or try to exploit the rules to restart.


If a player lags out BEFORE tip-off it is an automatic restart. The Team captain with the player lagging should contact : 

a. An admin in the dedicated channel on discord BEFORE quitting the game.

b. The opposing team to match up again. 

The following rules apply ONLY to lag outs or other unforced 2K related errors. If you choose to quit out of a game in a regular season or playoff situation it may be a forfeit.


If a disconnection occurs, you may be forced to restart the game and play the remaining time with the same score differential at the time of disconnection.

If a lag out or a disconnection occurs in the 1st quarter of a game and it’s not a 5+ point game, the game should be restarted and the game will not count. Ex: You are up 5-0 in the first quarter and someone lags out or is disconnected. The game can be restarted. In case of dispute, the final decision on if the score difference counts is for the admins.


  • Team A leads 52-60 with possession for Team B and four minutes remaining in the game.
  • Team B suffers the disconnect.
  • Teams A and B must restart a new game and play only the first four minutes.
  • The teams keep track of the score before the disconnect and Team A is given an 8 point lead. (Rounding to the nearest minute).


If a player of a team is disconnected, the entire team must immediately leave the field within 10 seconds of the first player being disconnected!

If one or more player continues to play after a player on his team has been disconnected, no protest will be considered regarding the disconnections!

The maximum number of rematch in case a team or a player in the team lags out is 2 times !

If after the second rematch the team with the player that was lagging still have issue, the game will be ended with a forfeit from the lagging team.


2.1. Every Team must have a representative (Preference for the Captain) for their Team in the tournament channel on Discord.

2.2. Captains must join our Discord server via this link http://bit.ly/Discord_2KEUML.

2.3. The burden of proof for rules violations lies with the captains (video, audio, time- stamped screenshots).

2.4. 2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES is not required to track down proof itself and will not take a captain’s word for it unless he has proof of his accusations. 

2.5. A maximum of 2 players/manager per team is allowed in the discord.



3.1.1. The DEADLINE rule intends to create a competitive environment that is respectful of organizers’ dedication, opponent’s and viewers’ time.

3.1.2. Every Team must ensure that they are aware of the deadlines and schedule before registrations.

3.1.3. The deadlines or defined match time will not be postponed unless in exceptional circumstances. These circumstances shall be decided by 2K EUROPEAN LEAGUE .


Should a Team be late for a scheduled game by 10 minutes or more, this shall result in a forfeit of a match in the BO2 series.

Example :

  • Team A and Team B should play at 21:00.
  • If Team B is late and does not show up at 21:10, Team A wins the first game by 30-0 and the series is 1-0.
  • If Team B still does not show up at 21:20, Team A Wins the second game by 30-0 and the series by 2-0.


The date and time of all matches are fixed, and shall only be changed under exceptional circumstances. These circumstances shall be decided by THE 2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES .

  • All game schedules MUST be posted no later than 8:30PM on game day. 
  • You must also provide the link to the twitch channel that will stream the game. 

Teams and players are solely responsible for their “unavailability”. By registering for one or more competitions you automatically accept the fact that you may have to play at times that do not suit your personal life. Your opponent or the organization is not responsible for these unavailabilities and do not have to accommodate your personal life. Therefore, any excuse related to personal life as justification for unavailability will not be considered.

Example of an invalid justification :

  • one of our players has a an extra activity
  • one of our players is spending the evening with “x” or “y
  • one of our players is going to a club or a party
  • We are not available because we are registered for too many competitions…

In the event that two teams cannot agree on the time of their match, one of the captains must open a ticket and provide the complete conversation to the administrator. The following 2 situations will be taken into account in order to deliberate: – The justification for unavailability – the number of time slots proposed to play.


3.4.1. In the event that a Game cannot be played due to technical reasons beyond the control of the Players, e.g. the PSN is down; the Admins shall be entitled, at their entire discretion, to reschedule or cancel the entire Game.

3.4.2. In the case of rescheduling, a new game time shall be announced to the Players using official communication channels.

3.4.3. The game CANNOT BE POSTPONED and must be played at the defined date by the deadline’s schedule.


3.5.1. You may not decide to quit the game without a valid reason. If you choose to quit out of the game without valid reasons repeatedly and without the opponent’s agreement, your Team may be forfeited.

3.5.2. The only acceptable reason to quit a game is that you lagged out or another reason beyond your control. In case of a lag or network problem, you must follow the rules stated in Clause 1.

3.5.3. In the event of a Network or Game issues, a Player or Team should first contact an administrator before taking any further action.

3.5.4. If the provisions in this Clause 3 are not respected, we reserve the right to apply the penalty (see Clause 7 – PENALTIES) that 2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES deem most appropriate to the situation.

3.5.5. As the ranking will be determine by points and points are important for tie breaker, you are not allow to quit a game even if one of the team members got graded out. 

3.5.6 2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES reserves the streaming rights to some of the league games. Should 2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES exercise its right to be the only live stream for a game. This right may be exercised or not exercised at  2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES sole discretion. Failure for the whole team to comply will result in a forfeiture of the season with no refund.

1min Rule – Players can quit the match only in the final minute seconds of the match.


4.1. Within 20 minutes after every series, one of the WINNING Team MUST submit the box score with all the games results AND statistics. The following conditions for this submission must be met:

4.1.1. All screenshots are needed which must include the stats for both Teams.

4.1.2. Only high-quality images will be submitted. Blurry images will not be accepted as it is required to easily see the stats on the box score.

4.1.3. Box scores must be submitted by posting them in the Game result channel in the Discord Server.

4.1.4. All games posted must be labeled. Exemple : ‘”Team A vs Team B 2-0″

4.2. These screenshots are important to update every Player and Team statistics.

4.3. Results MUST be submitted the day of your game within 20 minutes after the end of the game. 



  • Rebranding Fee – 15€
  • Additional Player Fee outside Transfer period – 10€
  • Additional Player Fee (in Transfert period) – 5€ Per Player
  • Player Name/PSN Change Fee – 10€ Per Change
    There will be no refunds issued for the above fees.

5.1. Each individual Player shall only be entitled to play on ONE Team.

5.2. Playing on multiple Teams at once AND/OR in the competition will result in a penalty for all parties involved (see Clause 7 – PENALTIES).

5.3. Once a Team has been confirmed and registered in the competition AND the competition has started, the roster of the Team cannot be changed during this competition.

5.4. During the 2K European League regular season, one team may make no more than 2 (two) addition and/or substitutions and/or transitions to the roster. if the new player is not playing in the competition

5.5. If a player leaves a Team and the Team is unable to continue the competition due to a lack of players, this Team can transfer one player who is not playing in the actual competition.

5.6. If a Team roster is changed during the competition without informing the 2K EUROPEAN MAJOR LEAGUE STAFF the Team will receive a penalty (see Clause 7 – PENALTIES).

5.7. The first recorded event of a Team playing with a Player that is on their Team roster shall result in a forfeit of the team. The secon time will result in the team removed from the league with no refund.

5.8. A player cannot plays in the Minor League And the Major league at the same time.

5.9 No roster update (adding player) is allowed during the Qualifier 1 and the Qualifier 2.
But you can add players to the roster between Qualifier 1 and Qualifier 2.

Once you’ve declared your team with your roster, any additional players added will be charged an Additional Player Fee.


6.1. All PSN’s on a Team’s roster must be valid. The PSN must be legitimately owned by the user on the roster.

6.2. A Team should not allow someone who is not the registered owner of an account to play on that account in a game and/or you may not play in a game while logged in to an account registered to someone else.

6.3. Opponents are responsible for identifying violations of these rules in advance of playing the game.

6.4. It is not the full responsibility of the 2K EUROPEAN MAJOR LEAGUE staff to police the games. 2K EUROPEAN MAJOR LEAGUE are only able to offer Players and Teams solutions to aid the policing of the games.

6.5. An opponent can identify a violation by requesting a microphone check before playing the game. If it is not the correct person on the account, you can request to wait until they have a legitimate Team. The on-time rule will still be in effect. If the correct player did not show up on time it will be a match forfeit for the Team using the wrong player.

6.6. You must provide proof to support any claims of an ineligible player playing in a game.

6.7. The proof must be clear to read/hear and not edited by any way or means, and in any shape or form.

6.8. When disputing account use, you MUST have evidence to support your claims. You cannot dispute without providing valid evidence. If you do not have evidence to support your claims, you should NOT dispute them.

6.9. Disputing without providing valid evidence may result in a penalty (see Clause 7 – PENALTIES).


7.1. Should any of the rules set out by 2K EUROPEAN LEAGUES be broken, the Player and / or Team shall be liable for one or more of the following penalties:

7.1.1. Verbal Warning.

7.1.2. In-game or pre-game penalties.

7.1.3. Game Forfeiture.

7.1.4. Match forfeiture.

7.1.5. Disqualification from the tournament.

7.1.6. Removal from a live event.

7.2. These penalties may not take place in the specific order above as different violations will invoke different punishments.

7.3. Dropout rule:

Any team that forfeits during the regular season or the playoffs will be sanctioned as follows:

  • The entire roster and organization will be Banned for this season and the next season.
    This type of behavior of teams or players have no place in this league and are detrimental to the smooth running of a competition and are a lack of respect to the organizing entity and all their staff. You have to respect your commitments and the time spent by the organizers and the opposing teams.

We will provide a channel that will contain the list of players and teams currently banned from the European league.

Theses players and teams will be not be able to join any roster of the competition.

For example: 

Being 10 minutes late may only warrant a game forfeiture, whereas using glitches/modded controllers to cheat in matches (“aimbot” etc) will mean you will be disqualified from the tournament and removed from the competition. 


If a team begins a game knowing the opponent is in violation of any league rule, that team is automatically accepting the results of that game.

8.1. Cheating: 

Any attempts at unfair play, including help from anyone outside of the submitted Team, or any other unsportsmanlike conduct will be considered cheating. We expect all players to play within the spirit of the game.

8.2. Consistent complaints of cheating where no cheating is occurring shall be looked upon negatively by the Admins, and may be detrimental to future claims of cheating.

8.3. Glitches: 

Creating or exploiting game bugs intentionally to gain an advantage over your opponent is prohibited and may result in disqualification. If you encounter a Team using a glitch please contact the tournament admins immediately.

8.4. It is recommended to take a screenshot or recording of the glitch or exploit being used.

8.5. Teams can use only the particular season 2K packages, and can not glitch their way around to start using other season packages before it comes out to everyone. 

8.5 We are not responsible for any player’s violation of the NBA2K game and code of conduct rules. In case that a player account is permanently or temporarily banned by 2K, the team should find solutions by themselves and still respect all the Rules stated here. 


9.1 you are agreeing to not defame the league on any form of social media, news outlet or otherwise. We will never answer on public social media.

9.2 you agree to not harass the administration team and treat them with respect. Treating the administration team disrespectfully may result in a forfeit, brand strike, fine or possibly a ban. Our staff always has the intent to do the right thing and assist however they can. In the end, some rulings may just not be in your favor. It is never personal.

9.3 you agree to not harass players for any reason including but not limited to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, age, disability, or sexual orientation.


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[NBA2K 22] European leagues calendar


[NBA2K 22] How the european pro leagues will work

We have taken into account the remarks you made about season 1 and the moment has finally arrived where we have to evolve the European scene and offer the teams competitions corresponding to their level.

But how to identify the level of each team in a relevant way?

So we have studied several esports competition formats to achieve this goal.

For its second edition, the 2K European League will have a completely new look. At the center of this change? The Swiss round. Explanations on how it works and how it will be used in the coming months…

Its concept is simple: make teams with similar performances/results compete in each round by placing them in groups corresponding to their performances.
Let’s take the example of a competition with 16 participants.

Round 1: the performances of all the teams are 0-0 so, in a rather classical way, each team faces another one, that is to say 8 matches. At the end of these matches, 8 teams will have obtained the first victory and will be in 1V-0D, while the 8 other teams will have had the first defeat and will be in 0V-1D.

Round 2: We will have two groups of teams, the group of teams in 1V-0D and the group of teams in 0V-1D. The teams in 1V-0D will play each other for 4 matches. At the end of these games, four of them will have 2V-0D, the other four will have a performance of 1V-1D. The teams in 0V-1D in a similar way face each other and we obtain teams in 0V-2D and teams in 1V-1D.

Round 3: The third round again works on the same principle, with four teams in 2V-0D, four teams in 0V-2D, and the remaining eight in 1V-1D. As in the previous rounds, each team plays a team with the same record. At the end of the third round, two teams will be in 3V-0D, six teams in 2V-1D, six teams in 1V-2D and two teams in 0V-3D… so on…

As you can see, this format allows to highlight the best performing teams in a competition without eliminating any team. This allows to measure the performance of several teams.
This is not a first, and several games have already been using this system for some time for most of their biggest competitions.

Inspired by chess competitions and although more complex at first glance, the Swiss round is a more egalitarian system that rewards the best performing teams.

As explained earlier, our wish is to structure the scene by offering competitions corresponding to the level of each team. Teams of medium or low level often participate in competitions with several big teams in which their chances of winning are very low and these teams also need recognition and to be put forward!

With this in mind, we have divided the European League into two distinct leagues:

The Major League which is the elite league The Minor League which is the lower level teams
Now that you know how the Round Swiss system works, let’s find out how it will be applied for the upcoming qualifiers.

The first novelty of the European League is our wish to get a relevant ranking of the teams by level.
Thus : A total of 2 qualifiers in round swiss format will take place from the end of October/beginning of November to mid December.
For each qualifier there will be 8 rounds and 4 rounds per weeks that will be played on Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday
Each matchs awards points based on the performance of the teams. (2 Points for a win and 0 point for a lost)
Teams are encouraged to participate in as many tournaments as possible in order to get a more accurate evaluation of their performance.
At the end of the 2 Qualifiers, the team points from each Qualifiers are added together to obtain an overall ranking of the teams’ performances.
It’s simple:
The Top 16 in the overall standings will qualify for the Major League.
The rest of the overall ranking will qualify for the Minor League.
And then…?
Once the teams have qualified for their respective leagues the format will be the same for each league:
Regular Season
All star game
The registrations fees will be of 150€