[NBA2K 22] How the european pro leagues will work

We have taken into account the remarks you made about season 1 and the moment has finally arrived where we have to evolve the European scene and offer the teams competitions corresponding to their level.

But how to identify the level of each team in a relevant way?

So we have studied several esports competition formats to achieve this goal.

For its second edition, the 2K European League will have a completely new look. At the center of this change? The Swiss round. Explanations on how it works and how it will be used in the coming months…

Its concept is simple: make teams with similar performances/results compete in each round by placing them in groups corresponding to their performances.
Let’s take the example of a competition with 16 participants.

Round 1: the performances of all the teams are 0-0 so, in a rather classical way, each team faces another one, that is to say 8 matches. At the end of these matches, 8 teams will have obtained the first victory and will be in 1V-0D, while the 8 other teams will have had the first defeat and will be in 0V-1D.

Round 2: We will have two groups of teams, the group of teams in 1V-0D and the group of teams in 0V-1D. The teams in 1V-0D will play each other for 4 matches. At the end of these games, four of them will have 2V-0D, the other four will have a performance of 1V-1D. The teams in 0V-1D in a similar way face each other and we obtain teams in 0V-2D and teams in 1V-1D.

Round 3: The third round again works on the same principle, with four teams in 2V-0D, four teams in 0V-2D, and the remaining eight in 1V-1D. As in the previous rounds, each team plays a team with the same record. At the end of the third round, two teams will be in 3V-0D, six teams in 2V-1D, six teams in 1V-2D and two teams in 0V-3D… so on…

As you can see, this format allows to highlight the best performing teams in a competition without eliminating any team. This allows to measure the performance of several teams.
This is not a first, and several games have already been using this system for some time for most of their biggest competitions.

Inspired by chess competitions and although more complex at first glance, the Swiss round is a more egalitarian system that rewards the best performing teams.

As explained earlier, our wish is to structure the scene by offering competitions corresponding to the level of each team. Teams of medium or low level often participate in competitions with several big teams in which their chances of winning are very low and these teams also need recognition and to be put forward!

With this in mind, we have divided the European League into two distinct leagues:

The Major League which is the elite league The Minor League which is the lower level teams
Now that you know how the Round Swiss system works, let’s find out how it will be applied for the upcoming qualifiers.

The first novelty of the European League is our wish to get a relevant ranking of the teams by level.
Thus : A total of 2 qualifiers in round swiss format will take place from the end of October/beginning of November to mid December.
For each qualifier there will be 8 rounds and 4 rounds per weeks that will be played on Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday
Each matchs awards points based on the performance of the teams. (2 Points for a win and 0 point for a lost)
Teams are encouraged to participate in as many tournaments as possible in order to get a more accurate evaluation of their performance.
At the end of the 2 Qualifiers, the team points from each Qualifiers are added together to obtain an overall ranking of the teams’ performances.
It’s simple:
The Top 16 in the overall standings will qualify for the Major League.
The rest of the overall ranking will qualify for the Minor League.
And then…?
Once the teams have qualified for their respective leagues the format will be the same for each league:
Regular Season
All star game
The registrations fees will be of 150€